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February 2021

TQG Lottery Solutions is a provider of innovative and efficient IT solutions for the worldwide state-licensed lottery market. TQG Lottery Solutions also starts the year 2021 dynamically and innovatively. This is underlined by the new logo design. Straightforward and compact.It reflects what we stand for: competence with three letters. The products, the brand presence and the homepage will be dynamically developed further, the recognition value increased by the reduced logo.

“Concise, clear and simple -the new TQG brand increases the recognition of the company. Our customers are used to us positioning ourselves clearly. We underline this with our logo”, says Karsten Hagemeister COO of TQG Lottery Solutions.
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About TQG-LS

The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) is a provider of innovative and very efficient IT solutions for the worldwide state-licensed lottery market. TQG-LS has grown steadily with classic internet solutions for lotteries and authorised lottery agents. With the TQG-LotterySuite, TQG-LS positions itself as a technology provider of comprehensive end-to-end lottery game systems. Further information about new products in the field of iLottery and lottery central system, as well as the

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