Made for lotteries

Our modern and secure central system is built for configuration
so you can make our technology your own.

  • Lottery technology
  • Technical operations
  • Consulting

The TQG-LotterySuite (or TLS) is a modern and flexible central system that provides everything you need to operate a lottery or raffle. Created in 2012 and evolving ever since, our suite of tools will keep you in control of your operation 24/7.


We’ve standardized our product so that every customer uses the same TLS. This makes project implementation much faster and allows all of our customers to benefit from new features.

The TLS’s modular structure and standard APIs allow for easy integration with 3rd party systems.

Our system is WLA-SCS compliant (ISO27001 / ISO9001)

Game management

Configure and manage a wide range of lottery and raffle game types. Set up new games using our product configuration wizard.

Player management

Get instant access to player details and a wide array of management tools. Control access with our powerful permissions-based system.


Create compelling campaigns that combine our powerful segmentation engine with actions designed specifically to acquire and retain lottery players.

Digital retail

Set up and manage your retail network. Integrate with any terminal, including portable devices. Monitor retailer and terminal performance in real-time.

Content management

Our digital content management system makes it easy to make immediate or scheduled changes to your web content.

Data insights

Access your KPIs on desktop and mobile, 24/7. Receive notifications about actionable insights. Design your own dashboard.

Game management

Game controls

Set up, manage and operate your games in one place. Configure new games easily using our product wizard.

Draw Management

Operate your lottery and raffle draws manually or automatically.


Keep an eye on game operations with our process monitoring tools.

Player management

Player information

Instant access to all player details and account history, enabling comprehensive player management.

Multi-level access

Control access to player data and specific actions with our extensive rights and permissions system. All account changes are logged systematically.

Responsible gambling

Keep gambling safe with our wide range of configurable limits and controls.


Manage your campaigns

Keep track of your marketing campaigns, compare campaigns, monitor engagement and costs.

Easy set up

Design your own campaign or choose one of our templates. Schedule automated actions based on your campaign parameters.


Use our powerful segmentation tool to target your specific audience.

Digital retail

Management tools

Set up and manage your retail network. Track your retailers and check individual terminal status on the map.

Any terminal

Integrate our “thin client” solution with any terminal, including portable devices.

Flexible configuration

Different retailers (or groups of retailers) need different things. Our system enables you to configure a wide range of options.

Content management

Web content

Create and manage your web content using our convenient and intuitive interface.

Responsive layouts

Build web content elements that will adjust to any device size.

Scheduled changes

Schedule content changes automatically, making online campaign communication easy to manage.

Data insights

Real-time data

Keep track of your business KPIs and schedule regular reports. Access your KPIs on desktop and mobile, 24/7.

Actionable insights

Get notified of positive and negative trends and take action.


Design your own KPIs and view them on your personal dashboard.

Our experienced team will take care of your technical systems 24/7, no matter where they are located. Key services include:



On-premise and cloud-based solutions

Server configuration

System monitoring


Database administration

Our experienced team offers lottery-specific expertise to help grow your business. We provide support in these areas:


IT infrastructure review

Technology implementation (system changes, migration)

User experience and design (optimise your player journey)

User research and concept validation

Marketing and retention strategy

Business planning, organisational structure, process reviews

Product planning (roadmaps, strategy)