The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) donates € 10.000,– and again hands over a cheque to a social institution

The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) donates € 10.000,-- and again hands over a cheque to a social institution

21. April 2020

As a software company, The Quality Group Lottery Solutions continues to be successful and the number of employees is growing continuously.

In this economically uncertain time for many, The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) is donating a total of € 10.000, — to social institutions.

In addition to a donation to the children’s charity Die Arche, Hamburger Tafel e.V. has now received a cheque for € 2,000.

Hamburger Tafel e.V. supports the needy and institutions for the socially disadvantaged with food. The distribution points alone normally supply 20,000 needy people per week.

The Hamburger Tafel now completely lacks the otherwise everyday donations of food by restaurants, hotels etc. and was overjoyed to receive the amount from TQG-LS.

We would like to thank Hamburger Tafel e.V. and the tireless efforts of the staff and helpers for the needy. 

Follow our example & do good!

The needy are now dependent on us! You too can help!



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TQG helps: Donation by The Quality Group to Die Hamburger Tafel e.V.

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The Hamburger Tafel e.V. (founded in 1994 by the late honorary chairwoman Annemarie Dose) supports the needy with food that is no longer for sale. The association collects these foods and supplies them to cooperation partners.

Our area of activity is Hamburg north of the Elbe / Hamburg (Germany).

  • 27 social institutions that operate food distribution centres are supplied.
  • About 65 other institutions receive food regularly from Hamburger Tafel.
  • More than 180 businesses are served by our 13 sprinters (delivery vans with cooling equipment) more than 600 times. The average weekly mileage of all 13 Tafel cars is around 3000 km. A number of distribution points and social institutions collect additional goods from our warehouse each week with their own cars.
  • The distribution points alone supply 20,000 needy people per week.
  • The Hamburger Tafel distributes over 40 tons of food per week.
  • More than 100 volunteers (men and women) work for the Tafel.
  • Hamburger Tafel has a warehouse, including refrigeration and freezer facilities, so that even large quantities can be stored. This means that even Tafel from Schleswig-Holstein, Lower Saxony and Mecklenburg-Vorpommern can be supported with goods from our warehouse.

The Hamburger Tafel is financed exclusively by donations.

The Quality Group (TQG) ist einer der führenden Anbieter von unternehmensweiter und zukunftsorientierter Beratung und Lösungen für die Optimierung und Strukturierung von Geschäftsprozessen, Informationen, Dokumentationen und Verantwortlichkeiten.

Mehr als 100 Mitarbeiter an zwei Standorten vertreten unser Leistungsportfolio kundenorientiert und sind regional für unsere Anwender, Kunden und Partner aufgestellt. Unser stetig wachsendes Team besteht aus erfahrenen Consultants, Prozessberatern und Entwicklern in den Standorten Böblingen und in Hamburg.

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