The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) donates 1500 meals for the homeless


June 3rd 2020

The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH donates again for homeless people and a total of € 10.000,– for social institutions.

MAhLZEIT is a social institution in Hamburg that provides the homeless with essential goods and especially with food.

During the lockdown phase, the facility was forced to close and instead organised a delivery service for those in need. The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH then supported MAhLZEIT with donations in kind in the form of urgently needed hygiene supplies.

MAhLZEIT has been open again for a few days now and is allowed to continue to serve food – although not in the usual way.

TQG LS immediately took this as an opportunity to continue its social commitment and has initially donated 1500 lunches. Should the circumstances remain stable and the institution be allowed to continue its activities in this way, The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH will continue to support MAhLZEIT.

The success of MAhLZEIT “…depends largely on our volunteers and the donations of money and materials. We would like to thank all of our supporters, donors and helpers for their commitment,” said a member of staff at the facility.

Our thanks go to all employees and supporters of MAhLZEIT who made it possible to implement Covid-19 requirements and to reopen the facility.

You too can help! Aid organisations need your social commitment, especially now.

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TQG helps: The Quality Group donates 1500 meals for the homeless

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The MAhL ZEIT team in Hamburg offers homeless guests a warm and peaceful lounge area with breakfast and hot lunch. There is also a small clothing store, showers, washing machines and dryers. Of course, non-homeless people are also welcome at any time. Dogs can also be brought into MAhL ZEIT. The success of the project also depends largely on the volunteers and the donations of money and goods.

The Quality Group (TQG) ist einer der führenden Anbieter von unternehmensweiter und zukunftsorientierter Beratung und Lösungen für die Optimierung und Strukturierung von Geschäftsprozessen, Informationen, Dokumentationen und Verantwortlichkeiten.

Mehr als 100 Mitarbeiter an zwei Standorten vertreten unser Leistungsportfolio kundenorientiert und sind regional für unsere Anwender, Kunden und Partner aufgestellt. Unser stetig wachsendes Team besteht aus erfahrenen Consultants, Prozessberatern und Entwicklern in den Standorten Böblingen und in Hamburg.

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