samble – the daily game offer for smartphone users!


 samble – the daily game offer for smartphone users!

samble - the daily game offer for smartphone users!

With the new game concept samble, lotteries specifically address players on the smartphone. According to the motto “Make every day a moment of happiness”, the lottery is geared to the wishes of the players and has a high like potential. samble = smart + strong gamble. samble combines classic lottery offers with new lotteries and attractive prize games to a responsible and legal offer. samble = safe gamble.

Here, there is the small prize with a high probability of winning and the dream prize for a small stake. Classic lottery games and prize draws are offered. A sports-oriented daily game is also possible.

The game idea samble was developed by INTUVATION and is protected by trademark and copyright. samble is variable and can be adapted to the specific product requirements of the lottery companies and the specific gambling regulations.

As samble is realized on the lottery platform TQG-LotterySuite by TQG-LS, an integration into the existing IT system environment of the lottery companies can be guaranteed.

TQG-LS and INTUVATION have agreed on a cooperation for the international marketing of samble. The synergy of marketing expertise and technical know-how offers the added value of this cooperation for lottery companies.

You can watch samble’s new film on our internet sites.

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The  TQG-LotterySuite  (TLS)  is  a software platform for the operation of    state-licensed lotteries,    for commercial   gaming   agents   and social lotteries. It  is  an  end-to-end  lottery  central and  drawing  system,  with  a  high performance   transaction   engine, which is 100% customized and fully configurable.

Essential components are

  • PAM – Player   Account Management
  • Game configurator
  • Transactions Engine
  • Retail manager

The game types can be extensively configured   in   the   Game   Core Management  and  adapted  in  their type. Due to the product character of   the   software,   many   different games  are  already  preconfigured and  can  be  activated  directly  if necessary.

Player Management / CRM

This   is   the   central   point   of   all customer    activities.    Within    the single player view, all information of the  connected  sales  channels  are bundled.  A  wide  range  of  CRM functions   including   segmentation and   campaign   management   are available.he module also supports all online sales workflows and player protection measures.  A customer     support     system     is integrated as well as an administration interface.

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