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25. May 2020

DiALOG – the German magazine for a digital transition covers our work in an interesting article, discussing aspects of what it means to develop new software for the lottery industry on the fast track.

SWAN - because the customer longs for it

With the TQG-LotterySuite, both the lottery companies and The Quality Group Lottery Solutions (TQG-LS) are in the fast lane!

Karsten Hagemeister, COO & Business Development at TQG-LS GmbH

Speed, speed, speed, faster, more flexible, cheaper, time to market, agility, single customer view. These are buzzwords that we are constantly encountering. And now please add a bit of security, stability, quality, because what matters is that you can implement the respective company goals quickly and at the same time, as we always say, pass the S.W.A.N. check. Because that’s what it’s all about in the end: Sleep Well At Night. Our customers must be able to rely on everything working and not having to worry.
The TQG-LotterySuite is a modular, open and configurable platform tailored to the needs of a lottery company. The TQG-LotterySuite is a comprehensive business suite with which a lottery company can implement and further expand its gaming operations in a stable, secure and high-performance manner.
The advantages of the TQG-LotterySuite (TLS) are obvious. TLS is a configurable software that meets the requirements of the departments and the management. Individual requirements are integrated customer-specifically (but can be parameterized) into the functional scope and can be quality-tested and used in practice. This reduces overall operating costs and ensures that the range of functions is continuously expanded. Functions are activated via customer-specific configurations and roles, so that every lottery receives a solution tailored to its company. All functions of the TQG-LotterySuite are equally available to the different users. The Quality Group Lottery Solutions (TQG-LS) also promotes cooperation models of lotteries that share investments without having to limit themselves with their own individual requirements. This enables the costs of each individual cooperation partner to be reduced and at the same time to realize their personal wishes.
With its numerous marketing functions such as campaign and customer management, the TQG-LotterySuite clearly stands out from other solutions. All information about the players converges here and this sales channel is comprehensive. Functions such as campaigns, voucher management, jackpot hunter, share certificate, product bundles, shopping cart, newsletter, gaming communities, push communication, mobile app, SEO management are all available in the standard scope of services. The wishes of the sales and marketing of a lottery are fulfilled. This is ensured by numerous CRM and campaign functions tailored to the industry, which are part of the customer management, also called Player Management.
In addition to standard reports and dashboards, TQG-LS enables access to all data in the system. External reporting tools are integrated according to customer requirements, because individuality is also very important here. This saves training costs for the customer and creates satisfaction in the specialist departments.
Each transaction, i.e. the secure storage of the personal lottery betslip, can be worth several million euros. The correct processing, evaluation and, in the end, payment of each transaction is crucial. The different product offers such as Lotto 6 of 49, Eurojackpot, Keno, Glücksspirale or even new gaming concepts are simply configured in the software module Game Management (the product configurator) without errors and do not have to be programmed. This creates security for processing and speed in implementation.
TQG-Lottery Solutions has the highest demands on agility and quality. TQG is certified according to ISO27001 and ISO9001 as well as the Security Control Standards of the World Lottery Association (WLA-SCS). New software functions are developed locally in Hamburg and undergo intensive quality assurance. Both the organization of TQG-LS and the functional scope of the TQG-LotterySuite are based on the specifications of the Information Security Management System (ISMS).
All TQG customers benefit from the advantages of the TQG-LotterySuite. For a smooth changeover to the TQG-LotterySuite, the TQG-LS supports a wide variety of migration approaches – starting with a gentle, absolutely risk-free phase migration up to a big bang. This creates security for all parties involved. Every introduction is different – security and a high degree of trust are the foundations for a successful start in a new project.
The market is impressed. This is reflected in the current inquiries and won customer projects. Because TQG-LS is on a further stable growth course. The team is being continuously expanded and the number of new customers is rising. With the recently won Estonian state lottery Eesti Loto, all game transactions will in future be managed centrally in the customer administration of the TQG-LotterySuite. In Estonia, the legislator prohibits anonymous lottery play, so that each player is identified via a Social Security Number (SSN) before submitting a lottery ticket and is additionally checked against the individually set limits via all distribution channels in the customer administration of TLS. Data integrity and availability are of the highest priority.
For the future, TQG-LS is preparing for new ways of selling lottery tickets at the point of sale. Digitalisation is also progressing very quickly in this area. The smartphone is also becoming more and more popular with older generations. Today’s customers expect integrated service offerings that combine convenience, entertainment and user-friendliness. Sooner or later, the classic lottery ticket made of paper for ticketing will have worn out. When playing games over the Internet, the smartphone has already overtaken the PC.
In order to meet these new requirements, lottery companies will quickly adapt to these changing demands. Here it is good to know that TQG-LS with its professional team of consultants supports and ensures that the software used is always up to date and supports new trends from the standard.

Luck does not come by itself; and so it is also true for us: Only those who play with (us) can win.


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