The Quality Group / Mexico – to deliver the raffle game operating system for Sorteos Tec, Mexico


Juni 2018 – PRESS RELEASE – Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (“TQG-LS”) will support Sorteos Tec in the transformation of the company into a digital, modern and player-centric social lottery with process consulting and support as well as the technical implementation..

Soreteos Tec was founded in 1943 by Eugenio Garza Sada and a group of businessmen, who formed a civil association called Enseñanza e Investigación Superior.

Implementing of "TQG-LotterySuite"

The goal is to transform Sorteos Tec, which has been successfully marketing lottery games as a social lottery for more than 70 years, into a modern and more efficient organization that focuses on the needs of its players. TQG-LS will implement its Omin-Channel lottery platform “TQG-LotterySuite” and adapt Sorteos Tec specific functions on the platform. The new lottery platform will then interact with third-party systems as well as with Sorteos Tec’s own applications. From the outset, Sorteos Tec will migrate all Internet activities to the TQG platform. In the second phase, the more than 100,000 sellers who currently sell lottery tickets offline to players in Mexico will be involved. Sorteos Tec ticket sales represent a valuable contribution to Mexico’s society, as the ticket revenues are used for scholarships for low-income students at Tecnológico de Monterrey.

“With TQG-LS we have selected an innovative and agile lottery technology supplier. They have excellent expertise and have already carried out various projects for social lotteries. Their technology and advice will help us transform Sorteos Tec into a customer-focused company. This will give us more opportunities to promote education in Mexico through our scholarship program “Lideres del Mañana”.””.

Fernando Carillo, Digital Strategy Director of Sorteos Tec

Focus on player development

Commenting on Sorteos Tec’s selection of TQG-LS, Karsten Hagemeister, COO and Head of Business Development at TQG-LS, said: “Entering the Latin American lottery market is a strategic step forward for TQG-LS. We will implement highly customized customer functions and integrate them into the TQG LotterySuite standard software. With Sorteos Tec, we will build a regional support organization that acts as a base in Latin America. “

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The Quality Group (TQG) is one of the leading providers of companywide and future orientated consulting and solutions for the optimization and structuring of business processes, information, documentation and responsibilities.
More than 100 employees offer our service portfolio in a customer orientated manner at two locations, with a regional approach to supporting our users, customers and partners. Our constantly growing team consists of experienced consultants, process consultants and developers in the Böblingen and Hamburg locations.

The Quality Group Lottery Solutions GmbH (TQG-LS) is a provider of innovative and highly efficient IT solutions for the global state-licensed lottery market. TQG has deep expertise in the technical environment and understands the processes and requirements of the lottery operator.
Overview of the TLS

The TQG-LotterySuite (TLS) is a software platform for the operation of state-licensed lotteries, for commercial gaming agents and social lotteries.
It is an end-to-end lottery central and drawing system, with a high performance transaction engine, which is 100% customized and fully configurable. Essential components are
• PAM - Player Account Management
• Game configurator
• Transactions Engine
• Retail manager


The TQG-LotterySuite is an end-to-end lottery management system that demonstrably meets the requirements for safe and efficient gaming operations. In addition to a high-performance transaction engine, the system contains the central functions for controlling games and customers. The TQG-LotterySuite encompasses all sales channels.
The system is a modular, flexible and completely scalable platform. It is based on modern principles of developing configurable software solutions. This ensures fast project implementation. The system offers all relevant functions of a lottery management system. Customer-specific adaptations can be easily integrated. The TQG-LotterySuite is hardware independent. Back-office applications of third parties are supported via standard interfaces.

The core of the system is the high-performance and secure transaction engine in connection with the configurable games management. The transactions engine ensures that all game transactions are stored correctly and tamper-resistant in the central system.
Responsive Design
The web design of the frontend automatically adapts to the different screen sizes of smartphone, tablet or desktop. This ensures that the desired content is optimally displayed on each device. This increases the ease of use for the user.
The game types can be extensively configured in the Game Core Management and adapted in their type. Due to the product character of the software, many different games are already preconfigured and can be activated directly if necessary.
Data Migration
TQG has a unique migration method which allows "soft" migration without risk for lotteries. No matter whether the original data is available in file or table form and no matter whether player data is available multiple times in separate data pools. By using a sophisticated system with appropriate tools and methods, we ensure that all data is migrated in the desired form and at the desired time and that player data are merged.
quality management
At TQG, quality management is a continuous process that begins even before development. When defining requirements, we ensure that these are formulated with appropriate acceptance criteria in such a way that all special cases are also covered and tested. Not only positive but also negative, Performance and usability tests are part of the scope of quality assurance. We are not called The QUALITY Group for nothing.
Database independent
Today it is taken for granted that large amounts of data are stored in databases. But TQG has been going one step further for some time now. Because of the constantly changing licensing models, TQG offers the PostgreSQL database, which is established worldwide and already in use by many corporations. This makes it possible to store the data "free of charge".
Modular Software
The TLS system is physically and logically modular. Each individual component can be operated in a cluster. Standard interfaces ensure interchangeability of components. Interfaces between the systems are provided in different versions to ensure a fail-safe exchange of components (e.g. in case of an update). The software architecture allows an agile software development in which new requirements can be delivered promptly.
Player Management / CRM

Dieses ist der Zentrale Punkt aller This is the central point of all customer activities. Within the single player view, all information of the connected sales channels are bundled. A wide range of CRM functions including segmentation and campaign management are available. The module also supports all online sales workflows and player protection measures. A customer support system is integrated as well as an administration interface.

The player account management enables a central and holistic view of the player. Here you can view all details about the players, the payment transactions and the player limits.
Game Core Management
Configuration and execution of the games or the game sequence. Winning evaluations and distribution of prizes. Provision of the interface to commercial gaming brokers. Interface to pool systems of the Lotto 6/49, Eurojackpot and Vikinglotto.
Retail Management
All lottery shops are managed and monitored via Retail Management. This includes the activated terminals and the authorized employees. The Retailer-CMS provides the terminal content (terminal front-end). The Retail Management module also handles the communication with any proprietary terminal software that may connected to the central system.
In addition, the ordering of consumables and retailer billing is handled by the Retail Management.

Instant-Gaming-System (TLS-IGS) TLS-Inventory

Das Instant-Gaming-System (TLS-IGS) ermöglicht die Abwicklung und Verwaltung von Sofortlotterien und enthält alle Parameter die zur Definition und Abwicklung dieser Produkte notwendig sind. Es unterstützt die Verwaltung der physischen Lose durch die Abbildung von Freigabe, Bestellung, Verteilung, Inventar, Verkauf, Validierung und Zahlung und bietet somit die volle Kontrolle über die Lose in jedem Schritt des Prozesses

Instant-Gaming-System (TLS-IGS) TLS-Inventory
The Instant Gaming System (IGS) product allows one to manage and maintain Instants gaming (and other nongaming products), as well as the configured parameters used to define and maintain these products. It supports the physical flow of tickets by managing release, ordering, distribution, inventory, sales, validation, and payment, thus offering full control of tickets at each step of the process.
Omni-Channel Lösung
The TLS is a player centered Omni-Channel Lottery Management System. All player-related transactions and data are centrally managed and available to both the player and the lottery across all channels.
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