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Our story

TQG Lottery Solutions GmbH was founded to address a growing problem: how to provide flexible, reliable and affordable lottery technology to more than one customer at a time, and at any time. Our purpose is to give our customers everything they need to run their lottery business, using one configurable product: the TQG-LotterySuite (TLS). As the solution grows, every improvement which we make available to each customer in a configurable way, and each customer decides what he wants to use of it. This simple formula has enabled us to supply technology and expertise to lotteries around the world.

For many years the lottery technology market has been dominated by a handful of big players, which restricts innovation and gives lotteries little choice. Since 2012 we’ve been working steadily to match the technical capabilities of our competitors while growing sustainably as a business. We don’t over-invest or take on new customers at any price. We don’t work on projects we can’t deliver. We like making our customers happy and believe that developing a configurable product for all lotteries, and which fulfils their needs 100%, is the best way to deliver high quality to the lottery sector.

Our mission


Deliver modern and flexible technology that provides lottery operators with everything they need to run a successful business.


Technology should be fast and reliable. Our solutions are engineered to maximise speed and efficiency without compromising on performance or reliability.


Our technology is “Made in Germany” and is developed for the long term. Quality matters to us, as our name suggests.

We’re here for the long term


We have gained wisdom and experience over more than 30 years of software development. We are used to working with customers and understand their challenges.


Our customers come to us for honest advice and receive transparency on every project. We are not afraid to say “no” to projects that we cannot deliver.


Our reputation is built on the trust we have earned with customers over many years. We do our utmost to preserve it.

Marcus Frey / CEO

Marcus Frey has been working in software and the consulting industry for process optimisation in management and organisations and standardisation for over 30 years. Marcus has gained tremendous experience in a variety of companies and industries, all of which contributes to TQG products in terms of innovation • performance • quality, as well as flexibility and stability.

Marcus Frey

Norbert Mallien / CTO

Since qualifying as an engineer, Norbert Mallien has been in key positions in information technology for over 30 years. His main skill areas include the processes of software development and architecture, as well as the construction and operation of professional software production in the context of configurable standard products which fulfill the customer need 100%.

Norbert Mallien

Karsten Hagemeister / COO & Business Development

Karsten Hagemeister is responsible for business development and overall competitiveness of TQG. He has focused on providing innovative solutions and services for state-licensed lottery companies for more than 20 years.

Karsten Hagemeister

Scottish children’s lottery relies on the lottery central system of the quality group – Lottery Technology Systems GmbH (TQG-LTS)

Scottish children’s lottery relies on the lottery central system of the quality group – Lottery Technology Systems GmbH (TQG-LTS)

October 2016 – PRESS RELEASE – TQG-LTS announces that Scottish Children’s Lottery is using the central lottery system developed by TQG to operate the new Scottish Social Lottery.
The official launch of the Scottish Children’s Lottery will take place on 17 October 2016 using the standard software TQG-LotterySuite, a secure, market-tested and powerful lottery management software..

The Quality Group –

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